Guidance Philosophy

Our School Age Care programs are specifically designed for your child's age group!
  • Our guidance objective is to help children acquire the skills they need to resolve conflicts:

    • In socially acceptable ways
    • To the child’s own satisfaction; and
    • Without loss of pride

    We want to facilitate children’s development of self-control, self confidence, and ultimately self-discipline. To this end we actively encourage verbal expression of feelings and assertion of felt needs. Hitting, biting and other forms of both physical and verbal abuse are not permitted.

    Staff employs guidance techniques based on the Ministry of Health booklet “Guidance & Discipline with Young Children”, a copy of which is available in the office.

    Specifically, fighting children are separated, encouraged to explain what happened in according to each of their perceptions of the conflict, and to express their feelings about it to each other. A child who is still angry and unable to accept the resolution of the conflict is removed from the area of the fight to play in another area or, if necessary, to a private area for further discussion with staff.

    In accordance with Section 31 of the Child Care Regulations, at no time will any child enrolled in Parkway Village Childcare/School Age Centre be subjected to:

    • Shoving, hitting, shaking, spanking or any other form of corporal punishment;
    • Harsh, belittling or degrading treatment whether verbal, emotional or physical that would humiliate the child or undermine the child’s self respect;
    • As a form of punishment confined, physically restrained or kept, without adult supervision apart from other children; and
    • As a form of punishment deprived of meals, snacks, rest or necessary use of a toilet.