Health & Safety

  • Health & Safety

    Our Centre has been carefully designed to ensure it is a safe, comfortable environment that will accommodate the abilities of all of the children.

    Our goal is to promote good health, safety and nutrition by providing the children with a clean, well-maintained, safe environment and opportunities for:

    • Learning how to take care of their bodies and develop self help skills
    • Both active and quiet activities
    • Indoor and outdoor activities
  • Nutrition

    Eating nutritious food is an important part of each child’s day. Food provided by the Centre will be selected in accordance with Canada Food Guide requirements.

    Staff will:

    • Prepare nutritious snacks for the children
    • Encourage children to eat a variety of foods
    • Be sensitive to individual food preferences, cultural preferences and any restrictions/allergies
    • Provide sufficient time to eat
    • Not force a child to eat

    The Centre will:

    • Provide morning and afternoon snacks each full day of care
    • Provide space in the refrigerator and cupboards for other foods families would like to bring for their child

    To promote an environmentally friendly lunch routine Parents should:

    • Pack all drinks, food and a snack in reusable containers – Our goal is to minimize the use of disposal of multipack cartons.
    • Please provide glass containers for lunches that need heating