• Parkway Village Childcare Centre is situated in the heart of Mount Seymour Parkway, in North Vancouver, BC.  Hidden amongst lush forests, water and mountains, our program is often inspired by our beautiful surroundings.

    We offer care for both Pre-School and School Age children.

  • Our philosophy is based on the assumption that growth is sequential and is an orderly process. Therefore, our role is to assist every child in developing his or her maximum potential – socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and creatively.


      Are entitled to environments and opportunities that foster positive emotional, social, cognitive and physical development and that value inclusively, multiculturalism, interdependence and dignity.


      Are entitled to be involved in a meaningful way in their child care experience and deserve assurance of quality care for their child while they are involved in work commitments, educational and/or personal fulfillment or while child care is part of a care plan for the family.

    • STAFF

      Are entitled to a work environment which recognizes and respects their training, skills and commitment to child care and which demonstrates this through respectful communication and personnel policies.